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Only Fools & White Horses

by Colin Skeath

Colin Skeath needed a partner to accompany him on his next adventure. His nephew, Davis had spent a total of twelve days in a canoe before he joined Colin on an epic journey that would redefine the boundaries of canoeing; they were to become to first people to circumnavigate the UK mainland by open canoe.

“An adventure of the highest order, pushing the boundaries of the possible. A gripping account of an epic journey.” Ray Goodwin MBE: Author, canoeist & coach


by Sylvia Hehir

After a traumatic break up, Dee is left wondering how much worse her life can get. A handsome new boy in the village offers some hope but her friends are wary. And life would be a whole lot easier if her phone would stop playing up. . .

Set in the Highlands of Scotland, Deleted was the winner of the T.C. Farries Trophy.