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Frankie – the sorted one. Until, that is, she is persuaded by her boyfriend to join his band for a summer tour. She has enjoyed playing fiddle for years but has always been too nervous to get up on stage. Then, as they are all set to go, her estranged sister reappears, demanding Frankie’s help.

Delivered by Sylvia Hehir

Girl of the Ashes
Hayleigh Barclay

Scotland. 1897. A time of family secrets, ancient curses and the supernatural. For over three centuries the Phoenix vampires have faced persecution. Now the battle will commence.

Deleted by Sylvia Hehir

After a traumatic break up, Dee is left wondering how much worse her life can get. A handsome new boy in the village offers some hope but her friends are wary. And life would be a whole lot easier if her phone would stop playing up. . .

Colin Skeath needed a partner to accompany him on his next adventure. His nephew, Davis had spent a total of twelve days in a canoe before he joined Colin on an epic journey that would redefine the boundaries of canoeing; they were to become to first people to circumnavigate the UK mainland by open canoe.

Only Fools and White Horses by Colin Skeath